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Oral fixation? Let me chew on it.

When it comes to oral fixation it can be as innocent as a baby with their soother or as kinky as an adult who simply can not stop thinking about the pleasurable sensations caused by having something erotic in their mouth.  Having an oral fixation can become an addiction.  The feelings that come with chewing, sucking, pressing, nibbling, licking and even eating or smoking can be something that simply distracts you from what is bothering you in a stressful or daily situation, or can turn you on beyond belief.  Your oral fixation keeps you company, keeps you relaxed and can turn you on because your oral sensations are very alive . Even biting on a leather belt in painful situations where no pain relief is available is used to distract from the pain.  Our brain has a deep connection to our oral sensations and pleasures.  What’s your oral fixation?


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