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Catherine Janes Erotica–Poetry week 4

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Dark drunk magic

I’ll be home Friday after midnight,

Meet me there and bring wine.

A case of it I mean, we’re going all weekend.

How many times can you fuck me in a row?

How many times will you let me suck you?

We’ll get a little wild in our drunk sex,

Do things we normally wouldn’t do.

Leave your vanilla taste at the door,

I’m ready for you to go wild with me,

I’m ready to explore.

How wild are you willing to go?

Feel the freedom of the liquid courage pumping through our veins,

Feel the freedom of you pumping me harder than usual.

Spank me and talk dirty, use my toys and bite me,

Don’t be afraid, I’ve been waiting.



Copyright 2016 by Catherine Janes.  All rights reserved.



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