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Paranormal Erotica? Yes please!

Relax, turn off the hamster wheel of life and let your sexual fantasies engage you.  Let your mind go.  We’re talking full fantasy.  Fantasies about humans can be pretty erotic, but what about going beyond what’s possible here on earth.  Making love to a ghost, mermaid, centaur, vampire, robot, alien or any creature you may invent or desire.  Your thoughts and fantasies are your own private sexual playground. If you want to get down and dirty with a sea creature that’s half human and half octopus, then go for it…just think about what all those tentacles could do all at the same time.  Can you fly? Breath under water? Travel across time and dimension? What about a interplanetary love affair with a creature that’s been designed by you, for you and one that pleases you in every way you could possibly invent?  The possibilities are endless and exciting.  Think outside of the box, think outside this dimension and this planet.  Taste, hear, see, smell,  touch and feel the pleasures.


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