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Bite me, Please! I’ve got Odaxelagnia.

What a word, Odaxelagnia.  What a sensation.  The feeling of human flesh between your teeth, fat and muscle sucked into your mouth and chomped on…nibbled or gnawed for pleasure.  The feeling of having your flesh bitten, maybe you like a little nibble or maybe you enjoy the burn of someone taking a big bite.  Sometimes a bite comes in the heat of the moment.  A passionate, animalistic fever comes over you and you feel like you want to consume your partner.  Bite them, devour them, almost becoming one with them.  Sometimes a bite comes in a calm sensual way that can slow you down.  Calm you, bring you to attention and bring you into the zone.  Being bitten in the right way can act as a deep tissue massage.  If you’ve ever had a deep tissue massage you know it’s a little painful but the tension release is phenomenal.   Biting, mixed with muscle manipulation can release muscle stress deeper and more pin pointed than with just your fingers.  If you are lucky enough to have a partner that likes to bite and can bite well, you can relax through a sensual massage that involves biting and you’ll be in for quite a treat.  Hopefully if you like to bite, your partner loves getting bitten.


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