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Voyeurism…Let’s take a look, shall we?

No one likes a Peeping Tom, or individuals with a criminal disorder that involves them spying on others and invading their privacy.   But what if you were to just happen upon a love tryst?  Your room mate left their door agar and when you came home you could see and hear what they were doing.  Would you enjoy taking a peek?  What about the neighbours that left their drapes open and you can see their love making.  Would you want to watch?  Have you ever been at a hotel and on your way to your room you can hear people going at it behind one of the doors as you walk by?  Did you feel a tingle down below?  Maybe it’s our animal side.  Some couples also enjoy putting on a show for their partner to watch.  Maybe a striptease, a masturbation session, showering or even making love to someone else while their partner watches.  Sound kinky?  Sound fun?  Maybe we’ve all got a little voyeur inside us.  Who needs TV?  Who would you like to watch tonight?


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