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Catherine Janes Erotica–Poetry wk 7

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3 Men

One year in the Fall when I was in my 20’s,

I fucked 3 men in one day.

It wasn’t planned, it just happened.

Even if I had tried to plan it, it wouldn’t have been better.

I took Jim.

I was on top, it was in my bed at 7am,

He was married and came over for a visit before he had to work at 10am.

I loved fucking him, and I thought I loved him.

I took Trey.

It was later that afternoon on my balcony,

Missionary style on my lounger.

He was my ex and called me last minute, he was in my area and had time to pop by.

Lastly I took Mike.

It was close to midnight in my living room,

Doggy style with one leg up on the arm rest of my sofa.

I met him at a bbq with friends and took him home for a one night stand.

He was hot and fun and I was still in the mood.



Copyright by Catherine Janes 2016.

All rights reserved.


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