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Cat O’ Nine Tails. 9 times the pleasure

The Cat o’ nine tails started out as one of the most gruesome of whips.  Used for self mutilation (self-flagellation) for religious reasons, on ships to torture deserving crew members and of course in medieval torture.  But now you can find lovers, husbands, wives, dom’s and sub’s using this famous whip as a way to improve and enhance their sex lives.   Make sure you’re with someone you trust and let the whip fly.  Crack the whip and let the sensations on your skin unfold.  Did it pinch?  Did it burn?  The snapping sound of the whip hits your ears first, just a split second before the sting arrives on your skin.  Do you like to receive? Do you like to give?  Maybe both, a little give and take?  Are you looking forward to feeling the intensity of sharing the pleasure and pain with someone?  Maybe this is the weekend to try it.


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