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Catherine Janes Erotica–Poetry wk 10

Hello Erotica Lovers!  Hello Sexy friends, and hello Erotic Poetry lovers!!  This is week 10 of  Catherine Janes’ free 10 part Erotic Poetry series.  We hope you’ve loved reading our free sexy poetry from Erotica author Catherine Janes.  We’ve certainly enjoyed giving it to you over and over 😉  Please share on facebook, like, tweet and subscribe.  Next week we begin our 10 part series called Fantasy Fridays.  Today’s sexy poem is all about Fantasy and should wet your whistle for our new series starting next week.  Enjoy!

Fantasy Sex

A world of fantasy, Your mind goes wild.

Who will you be this time, In your fantasy sex?

A dom? A sub? A sex machine? Or filthy pig?

Will a wild animal, or mythical creature devour your most secret spots?

Will you be surrounded by riches, Or multiple partners adoring your body?

You call the shots, have whatever you desire.

Every inch of your body will reap the benefits of your minds desire.

Let your mind take you on journey of sensual and sexual pleasure.

Explore your lust.

Explore your desire.

Explore your fantasies.



Copyright by Catherine Janes 2016

All rights reserved.



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