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Catherine Janes Erotica-Fantasy Friday wk 1

Welcome to Catherine Janes Erotica’s Fantasy Friday series.   Imagine lust,  desire, passion and eroticism in the comfort of your own mind.  Bring your imagination and enjoy.

You close your eyes in your most relaxed position and let your mind enter a fantasy state.  Gorgeous women with bodies fashioned in the exact way you like.  They adore you. Perfect men with a physique that’s crafted to your specific liking.  They want you.  Now we’re talking.  What will your fantasy be today?   Is your mate even human?  Does your body look the same?  Your body can look any way you want it to.  Do you have a mythical creature in mind to fulfill your deepest desires and physical needs?  Will they dominate you? Or will you dominate them?  Is it love you’re after?  Will you make passionate love to your perfect match or soul mate?  The most electric sex starts in your mind before your body even responds, so let your mind explore your most uninhibited lust, desire and wants.  You are the boss of all your fantasies, whatever they may be.

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