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Catherine Janes Erotica-Fantasy Friday wk 2

Welcome to week 2 of Fantasy Friday’s with Catherine Janes Erotica.  Click, share, comment, subscribe and enjoy!

She is here to please you, but you better not upset her.  The ground cracks a bit under foot as she walks towards you slowly.  A wind blows her hair and dress as she stares you down.  You can see her erect nipples through her tight bustier and you think about what her breasts will look like if she lets you unzip it.  She’s sensual, powerful, dominating, violent and hungry for your body in every way.  You’re terrified and intensely aroused, as you fall onto your back and she begins removing your clothes before coming near you.  Yes, she has powers.  She crouches down and begins crawling towards you with her breath deepening.  She is in heat.  You hear a slight growl coming from her as she approaches.  She wants you like no other.    She crawls up your legs and  teases you with her tongue in all the right places before she arrives on top of you fully. Without a word takes you inside her and begins to rock back and forth picking up the pace.  Now writhing on top of you, you can see her breath as she howls. She rides you like a stallion as you both scream in ecstasy until together you climax. She slows down and you can feel her claw you gently before she peels herself off you catching her breath.  And then….she is gone.  Leaving you only with a memory and a few bloody scratches.



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