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Catherine Janes Erotica-Fantasy Friday week 3

Hello Erotica Lovers! Hello sexy friends…

Welcome to week 3 of Catherine Janes Erotica-Fantasy Friday’s.  Like, share, comment, subscribe…enjoy!

He’s half man and half mythical creature.  He is a lover.  He is a God…and he wants you!He’s larger than life in every way.  He stands before you, naked, strong, vulnerable and ready to please.  He’s 6’6″, his hair is long, his hands are slightly clawed and is manhood is not like anything you’ve seen on earth.  Big, heavy, powerful, rock hard and pulsing with animalistic hunger.  Today he will make you his lover, his mate, his other half.  You will be the Goddess to this God. His muscles ripple all over his body as he slowly walk towards you.  You can hear his breath, it’s intoxicating. His chiseled features and jet blue eyes pierce you to your core.  You feel a strong stir down below, and as he approaches you can feel your heart begin to race.  You’re paralyzed with fear and deep sensual anticipation.  Your nipples harden and loins throb as he begins to crawl slightly once he’s close to you.   He kneels before you taking your body in his arms, exploring every curve…every crevice, devouring your loins.  His hands, his mouth, his shaft pleasuring you in every way you desire until you explode together.  He’s taken you to a different place. Transcended your body and mind to a higher level.  You collapse to the ground, embracing tightly, breathing deeply until you fall asleep dreaming of when you will see him again.


Copyright by Catherine Janes 2016.  All rights reserved


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