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Catherine Janes Erotica-Fantasy Friday week 4

Hello Erotica Lovers and hello Sexy friends!  Welcome to week 4 of Fantasy Friday’s from Catherine Janes Erotica.  Like, share, comment, subscribe and enjoy!

This famous art from Japan’s Hokusai dates back to 1814.  It’s called ‘The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife’ and it display’s an erotic fantasy of a Japanese woman being made love to by 2 Octopuses (or as some people say 2 Octopi).  This fantasy is easy to understand if you can imagine the ultimate multi-tasker. Eight extremities doing 8 different things to your body, in whichever way you desire.  Two Nipples being attended to, two breasts being held and/or squeezed the way you enjoy.  Two labia lips being pulled, pressed or opened the way you like best, and don’t forget your tender button within getting a perfect massage.  Would you like to have your ankles or wrists bound? Because there’s room for that too.  How about hair pulling or some spanking?  Just think, eight tentacles to please you.  Then there’s the obvious, the sensual pleasure of penetration.  Where would you like it?  Maybe a mixture of a few different places and pressures.  Speed and intensity of all areas being pleasured is under your control.  It is your fantasy after all.  Make it whatever you want.  Your body, your rules…your pleasure……enjoy it!!


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