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Catherine Janes Erotica-Fantasy Friday week 5

Welcome to Catherine Janes Erotica-Fantasy Friday’s week 5.  Like, share, subscribe and enjoy! 🙂

She’s a powerful woman, you better do as you’re told.  She’s sensual, sexual and very much in charge.  She will dominate you into submission, but you won’t exactly mind.  There might be some pain involved, but you won’t mind that either.  You are her toy.  You are her possession and you are her lover.  She calls for you, you dare not be late.  As you approach her legs open for you.  You know what she desires.  You know what she longs for.  You crawl towards her, she melts as you get closer and closer.  But don’t be tricked, she is not at your mercy.  One wrong move and she could end you.  You pleasure her down below and move in to penetrate her.  She’s ready and you don’t hold back.  She’s beautiful and can take all you’ve got.  She wants all you’ve got.  Together you climax, covered in sweat in a mystic palace.  She’s barely caught her breath and she dismisses you,  it’s time for you to go.  She’s not attached, but she knows she’ll need you again.

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