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Catherine Janes Erotica-Fantasy Friday wk 6

Hello sexy friends and hello erotica loves!!  Welcome to week 6 of Catherine Janes Erotica’s Fantasy Friday series.  We’re happy to be back with our first installment of 2017 after a nice break over the holidays.  Don’t forget to share, like, comment, subscribe and most of all….enjoy!!

Threesomes.  The ultimate fantasy.  If not the ultimate, certainly the most popular fantasy.  Having two sexy lovers at once, worshiping your body and having fun in ways you’ve only dreamed of?  Yes please!!  Of course not every threesome turns out well.  People can get upset, jealous or even get angry.  Some can even have regret afterwards that can ruin any fun you may have had in the moment.  That’s no fun, but then there are the times it does turn out well.  Very well!  Those are the times that never leave you.  Vivid memories of passionate love making, deep desires and ultimate lust being enjoyed with perfect execution.  All of my books have tales of erotic threesomes.  You just can’t go wrong with a two on one.  Can you think of two people you’d like to have in your bed at the same time?  Two friends? Two strangers? Two celebrities? Or even two creatures?  KINKY!!  Let your imagination go wild and think of three as the magic number for your next fantasy!


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