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Catherine Janes Erotica-Fantasy Friday week 7

Hello Sexy friends and hello Erotica lovers.  This week we’re talking about the ever illusive  Mile High Club.  Be sure to click, subscribe, share, like and most of all enjoy!

The Mile High Club.  Most sexual bucket lists will include this common but hot fantasy.  Moving past the almost impossible crammed space, this forbidden sexy fantasy will surely add some major excitement to your flight.  Mixing the fact that you could get caught literally at any moment, the fact that you’re having sex on an airplane (wow) and the fact that there are 100’s of people sitting outside the thin metal door that separates you… can be very erotic.  Plus don’t forget the fun and adventure of trying to have a hot quickie with almost zero space (possibly with a stranger).  You’ll share a few giggles in a space barely big enough for one person, never mind two.  Be prepared to be creative with your positions.  You might only have 3 to choose from.  How about sitting the girl on the small counter? That’s a great position.  Or maybe bend the girl over the toilet seat for some doggy action? Another perfect solution. Lastly, if there seems to be enough room you could just do it standing up.  Perhaps pushing the girl up against the wall or door?  Whatever works for you and your lover.  Maybe you’re a couple? Maybe you just met…!  That would break the monotony of life and a long flight.  Oh baby!!!  When’s your next vacation going be?  Very soon I hope!


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